2014 Goals: 83 Percent Failure


I set goals, take control, drink out my own bottle I make mistakes but learn from every one…Tupac Shakur (Ghetto Gospel)

June 19th, 2015.  It’s just 195 days remaining to the end of the year.

Being that we’re halfway through 2014, I figured it was time to take stock of what I have accomplished since January. My reality check will be with regards to the goals I’d sent for myself this year.

But taking stock, I have to say I have been terrible with achieving goals.  This admission is not supposed to get me off the hook for what is coming. However, it is the truth. I can hardly remember when I last set goals and achieved them.

Life happens. Things come that distract you along way on your journey to your destination. Goals, oh goals. Why art thou so hard to be achieved?

At this time, I feel that the year has gone too fast. All the goals that I’d set to achieve now seem way out of reach. This is not to mean that I am just bumming catching up with the latest Game of Thrones episode. No. I am always working…running up and down, doing projects here and there.

Slowly but steadily, I’ve found myself slipping from  the goals I had hoped to achieve. I still have 195 more days to go. Perhaps I will make them count. But at this time, from the looks of things, it seems like this post is a precursor to an admission of defeat. Being unable to achieve what I had hoped to. And it feels awful, trust me.

Let’s go through the goals I’d set to achieve, one by one and an overview of where I am in my quest to achieving them.

My 2014 Goals and How I’m Doing With Them

Here is a review of the now seemingly-Goliath goals I’d set to achieve this year.

1. Travel More

Traveling has always been on my to do list. You must have seen one of those posts where they talk about what people regret on traveltheir death beds. One of them is not traveling when they had a chance.

The best time to travel is when we are young. I’m 27, not getting any younger. This is the time I need to travel.

My 2014 traveling goal was to visit different places around Kenya. I had the plans, but work has a funny way of creeping into our plans.  I planned to visit 12 towns (at least one every month) during the year. Apart from this, I planned to visit a yet-to-be-decided country. Somewhere far.

Reality Check: So far, I’ve only visited one town this year; Mombasa. I was in Mombasa from 18th April to second week of June. It was fun. I loved it. Now, that is what a holiday is supposed to be like.

Remaining Goals: I am yet to visit 11 more towns and one country.  Anyone with ideas on where to visit? Let me know in the comment section below.

Percentage completeness: 10%


2. Network More

The second goal this year was to network more. I set out to build meaningful connections with people that can help me grow. I planned to use social media to reach these people.

Well, I have made absolutely zero new connections this year. Yes, I’ve met some awesome people online and offline. But these people are not the “mentors” I was looking for. Turns out I suck at making connections online. Guess I should just stick to the old fashioned meet-me-in-a-bar connection.

For anyone living the laptop lifestyle (you can call it internet lifestyle, travel lifestyle or any other fancy word), we thrive on virtual networking. I’ve made some amazing friends online, mostly through Facebook. I’ve also connected with a number of people in Kenya doing online marketing through my two groups that I admin: Online Entrepreneurs Kenya (For Online Writers) and Team Inbound (For Affiliate Marketers)

Reality Check: I suck at making friends. Getting mentors is even going to be harder. Naturally, I’m an introvert. Perhaps I should just let the stars take their course in this mentor thing.

Remaining Goals: Connect with at least 5 mentors

Percentage completeness: 0%

3. Work on my online businesses

online-businessMy online businesses have been keeping me busy for the past six months. This is only natural given that I earn my income from doing online jobs. It has been six months of a roller coaster. I started out with an aim to expand my content marketing business. My initial goal was to sign up at least five high net clients by the end of the year.

Now, things haven’t gone as planned. I have 4 clients at the moment, but they are not high net worth as I wished. Don’t get it twisted, the clients are good. They pay well. One is a SaaS billing company, one is a MS Dynamics consultant, one a small business consultant and one is an inbound marketing company.

What I love about working with these clients is that I am slowly taking over their online operations, which means more income along the way. I initially started blogging for them but I’m now involved in running part of their online campaigns. I’m doing their graphics, email marketing, analytics and SEO.

Feeling pretty good about myself 🙂

Another goal was to create at least 5 niche sites by the end of the year. At this time, I have only finished creating one niche site, which coincidentally, is the the subject of my Niche Site Case Study

Reality Check: I have four clients, who are not really high net worth in my definition (i.e. their contracts are worth less than $3000 per month). I can’t complain though. They are paying well. I should however look for at least one high net worth client.

Remaining Goals: Connect with at least 1 high net worth client. Finish 4 niche sites and make them profitable.

Percentage completeness: 60%

4. Learn French

Oh my…I’ve not done well with my goal to learn French. I started out well, listening to Michael Thomas French lessons. However, along the way, I just fell off track. The biggest mistake I made is removing the audio book from my phone. I should get it back.

My approach to learning the language is to be able to communicate on the basic level. I do not have not set aside any specific time to listen to the audiobooks. I simply plug on my earphones and listen to some lessons as I’m walking to the bus stop, during lunch breaks and sometimes when I’m in the matatu (bus).

The lessons are great and I can understand some sentences and even construct some. The biggest let down is that I do not know the spellings of various words or even how to construct written sentences since I’m listening to an audio book. This shouldn’t be a major concern though since I have a huge library of French lessons in PDF files. I believe they will feature somewhere in my learning.

Reality Check: I started out well. I fell off along the way. It’s time to dust myself and get back on track to achieving this goal

Remaining Goals: Finish the Micheal Thomas French lessons audio book

Percentage completeness: 30%


5. Read 12 books

There is a popular phrase in Kenya that goes something like this; if you want to hide something from a Kenyan, hide it in a book.read-books

This phrase reflects the poor reading culture we have. In January, my goal was to read at least one book every month. This is very achievable if I can spare at least an  hour every day to read. Heck, I can even devour a book in one sitting over the weekend.

My first book to read this year was The Art of War by Tsu Tzu. I have the ebook on my phone and to be honest, it was very confusing. What I have is like a review of the book. So, I just got bored of reading the history-like review of the book. Perhaps I got the wrong book? I don’t know. If you’ve read the book, please tell me in the comments whether it’s worth reading.

With my failure to read The Art of War, I’ve not been able to read any other book over the last six months.

Reality Check: I need to set a routine for reading. Perhaps late night before going to bed? Or maybe on weekends during the day?

Remaining Goals: Read 12 books

Percentage completeness: 2%


6. Martial Arts

Okay, this painstakingly wraps my goals for 2014. And as has been the trend with the other 5 goals, I have not achieved much. The closets I have gone to implementing this goal is buying some Silat and Muay Thai training DVDs, some of which I have not even watched up to today.

In case you are interested, I bought the following Muay Thai DVDs from Amazon:

Mechanics of Thailand’s Muay Thai: Basics Part 1 (2007)

Muay Thai Part 2 Mechanics of Kicking Knees and Blocking

Muay Thai vol. 3 Saekson Janjira Mechanics and Drills 

Learning martial arts has been another epic failure over the last 6 months. What’s my excuse this time? Time. I just don’t have time to study martial arts. I guess the remedy would be to create a definite practice time like I have to with reading books.

Reality Check: I consider this my worst failure. I have not made any effort to achieve this goal over the past 6 months. Shame on me.

Remaining Goals: Learn Muay Thai and Silat

Percentage completeness: 0%

The Way Forward

way-forwardThere are 6 more months remaining to the end of the year. I can feel some tings of cold feet setting in on some of the goals. That part of the brain that tells me I cannot do it seems to be getting stronger every day.

I can only hope that from tomorrow henceforth, I will strive to get back on track  to achieving the goals I’d set. May this blog post be a reminder that I need to commit myself to achieve all the goals I’ve set.

Have you achieved any of the goals you set out for the year? If so, I’d like to know. Please comment below and let’s connect. I’d be especially interested to know what you do to stay motivated and on track to achieving your goals. Share your insights.

Until next time amigos, stay winning!

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  1. scottmasse146 says

    Muy Thai is great—- I did it for years…..no one expects the shin to the T band on the thigh…..then the straight right! Keep your chin up Don it is never too late or early to begin!!!

    • Don Modekali says

      Hey Scott,

      You still doing Muay Thai? I’m still very much a beginner. Sometimes I get frustrated and wonder when I’ll reach the intermediate stage. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I am very motivated seeing your handwork. I am happy that you know that if you keep working you will get there. We can be in contact and I can help spread the word about the amazing things you are doing here.

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