My Goals for 2015

“Life passes most people by while they are still making grand plans for it.” – Quote from the movie Blow (2001)


January is almost over and I just realized I haven’t written anything this year. First off, cheers to the New Year. I’m glad you made it. May your year be much successful than 2014 was.

Today, I wanted to lay down my 2015 goals.

I remember writing my 2014 goals just like it was yesterday. Funny how time flies.

Now, looking back at the goals I set last year, I don’t know whether to make an excuse or be sad for not accomplishing them. I out rightly said it in the last sentence, I DIDN’T ACCOMPLISH MY 2014 GOALS.

I have no excuse for not accomplishing the goals. Time flies, things happened and I just lost track. Anyway, here is a recap of my 2014 goals and how I fared:

Build 10 Niche Sites– Fail (I only built 2 niche sites. One got hit by the Penguin update and has been totally neglected from my activities)

Read 12 Books– Too bad. I never even finished one book. I once had gotten immersed into the Art of War by San Tzu because it came installed on my HTC Desire. But I think the book disappointed me. Reading it felt like I was reading a college research paper. Maybe it’s the version I got or something…but with all the praise I’ve had about the book, I wasn’t impressed. I may try to read it again this year.

Networking – This started out well. I networked with a couple of Kenyan internet entrepreneurs at the beginning of 2014. We used to have Skype meeting and Google Hangouts but then, the networking never really took off. I guess everyone was busy with their own projects. I however still consider myself friend with some of them, like Walter Akolo (check his blog here:

Learn Martial Arts– I did all the ground work needed to get started with martial arts. This mean having a training time table, getting the necessary instructional videos, etc. But somewhere along the way, I just lost track. You see, training martial arts after a long day at work is not something that goes well with me. Most of the times, I arrived home too tired to even cook, so how could I even train?

Don Modekali in Arusha

You can’t say you’ve been to Arusha, Tanzania if you don’t take a photo at the Monument!

Travel the world– I did travel to Mombasa in May, 2014.  I know that is not what I meant by “travel the world’, but that was the best experience I had in a long time. I stayed a whooping one and a half months in Mombasa and had the best days of my life.

Coming to traveling to different countries, I only managed to go to Tanzania. This was during the Christmas holidays. I was in Tanzania (TZ) for 11 days. Nice trip and got to learn the power of CouchCurfing. If you plan to travel to a different country on a budget, try CouchSurfing.

Check some pics on my Instagram.

Build My Content Marketing Business– Yes, my goal was to build the content marketing business. Needless to say, I did not achieve much on this front too. I remained with the same clients and had trouble outsourcing some of the tasks that needed to be done. Also, being busy with my own projects let me neglect much of the content marketing client acquisition that was to be done.

Overall, I failed to reach my 2014 goals. I may have tried some goals, even started some, but along the way, I just failed to commit to them entirely and this made me not achieve them.

My 2015 Goals

2015 is here and it’s time for some brand new goals. 😀

For me, my 2015 goals will simply be a continuation of the goals that I didn’t achieve in 2014. The goals I set last year are still relevant to my personal and business life and so it only makes sense that they should be part of my goals.

So, in a nutshell, these are my goals for 2015:

1. Travel More (Last year, I visited Tanzania. This year, I’m looking to go to Zambia or Malawi)

2. Newtwork More (This year, I’m building my online business network. Gotta get serious with this thing.)

3. Work on My Online Business (I need a plan on this)

4. Learn French (I got all the resources I need. I just need to be committed to learning)

5. Read 12 Books (I don’t know how I’m going to start this)

6. Learn Martial Arts (Long shot, I guess. But it still made it to the list of goals).

Apart from the above, I have a few more goals I would like to achieve. Perhaps creating additional goals, especially on the business side of things, is just creating distractions like Bill Murphy from Forever Jobless says here. However, I know success requires people to go against the grain. If I plan and execute, I believe I will be able to achieve most of the goals.

So, here are the additional goals I have for 2015:

  • Launch a course on Udemy
  • Create a PPL (pay per lead) business
  • Build Rank Heat to a client SEO services provider
  • Start saving for a rainy day
  • Launch an Ecommerce store
  • Build one authority website
  • Start a subscription based business

There we go, my goals for 2015.

I hope this time I will not lose track along the way and fail.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2015? I’d live to read your posts. Leave a link on the comment section below.

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