April Traffic & Income Report

april-traffic-incomeHi everyone,

If you stumbling onto this post, you may be wondering what’s gotten into me. It’s been 3 months since my last post on January, and damn, how time flies.

I’ve been trying to blog and honestly, this must be one of the toughest challenges when you are building your online business. I mean, sometimes I’m like, why blog when blogging is not my main business?

Anyway, today I’ve decided to resurrect the monthly income reports, and hopefully this trend will stay on for some time.

In this report, I will show my traffic stats and also where my online income came from. I will also outline my business expenses and my net earnings.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

April Traffic Report

One thing that I will confidently say is that I’ve never made any effort to get traffic to my blog since January. In fact, the last effort I made was in January when I sent my subscribers a ping on the 2015 goals post.

In April, things were bland on the blog. Here’s what Google Analytics shows of traffic stats:

april-trafficBasically, 337 visitors stopped by the blog and they viewed a total of 574 pages. Looking at visitor flow, I can more people were interested in the content I created on the Viral Nova Clone experiment. Apart from that, visitors also checked my posts on evergreen niches and how to withdraw PayPal from a non-US country.

May Plans & Goals


I’ve gotten some clarity in my business and life and I’ll be putting more effort in this blog. This month, I am planning to write content on the following:

i) How to find content for your viral site. (This question was asked by a reader some time ago and unfortunately, I never got to address it. If you are the reader, sorry for taking long with this. But believe me, I’m writing a post on it.)

ii) Update my niche website experiment. It’s been a while since I update my niche website experiment posts. I am hoping this month I will get to address something.


Here is my marketing plan for this blog in May:

i) Share the blog on social media sites (I will look at sites like Alltop, Techocrati, et al.)

ii) Get over 1000 visitors by the end of the month. It’s already the 8th day of the month so I have something like 22 days to accomplish this.

April Income

In May, I made my online income through freelance writing and affiliate marketing. Here is a breakdown of my earnings:

April Expenses

Just Host hosting renewal (6 months) $125.70

Bought 3 domain names ($26.97)

Long Tail Pro (Premium) recurring $17

April Net Earnings

Revenue (1095) -Expenses (169.67) = $975.43

There we go. My net revenue in April was $975

Looking forward to a great month in May! My specific goal is to hit $1500 in profits. We’ll see how that goes.

How much did you earn in April, 2015? Let me know in the comments below and link to your website if you’ve put a post.


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About Don Modekali

Don Modekali is busy with a number of income experiments.


  1. Wow, you actually made close to $ 1,000 from writing. Impressive. I hardly make above $ 500 a month. So, what’s your secret?

  2. Don Modekali says

    Hey Moses,

    There’s really no secret. I guess it really depends on whom you are writing for. I don’t write everyday because I’m usually busy setting up some businesses. But if you find a client paying $20 per article, it will be easy to reach $1000 per month. Alternatively, check websites that pay for guest posting (some pay as high as $200) per post.

    I know I make it sound easy, but if you really work smart, you can make over $1k by through writing alone.

    Cheers man!

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