The Power of Going it Alone

Support systems. That’s a craving most of us have. Think about it. You probably have many things you do…with other people. Without other people being in the picture, you find it almost impossible to do those things. For example, think about going to the gym. If you have an accountability partner, you will find it […]

Fuck the Coaches

Reader discretion is advised. RATING:L I’ve been online since 2008. Over the past few years, I’ve seen it all…from $4999 coaching programs to $5 ebooks promising push-button systems to help you make money quick. The more you stay online  and engage in online business, the more you learn. There is something we talk about with […]

My Goals for 2015

“Life passes most people by while they are still making grand plans for it.” – Quote from the movie Blow (2001) January is almost over and I just realized I haven’t written anything this year. First off, cheers to the New Year. I’m glad you made it. May your year be much successful than 2014 […]

2014 Goals: 83 Percent Failure

I set goals, take control, drink out my own bottle I make mistakes but learn from every one…Tupac Shakur (Ghetto Gospel) June 19th, 2015.  It’s just 195 days remaining to the end of the year. Being that we’re halfway through 2014, I figured it was time to take stock of what I have accomplished since January. My […]

My Goals for 2014

It’s already 10 days in the New Year, but this is the time I am writing this year’s goals. Honestly, I’ve had the goals in my mind. I’ve written them on my diary, informally though. I feel by writing them on this blog, I will be able to be more accountable and committed towards achieving […]