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One of the most challenging things in online marketing is choosing the right niche. The niche you choose from the start can determine whether you will make insane moolah or you will forever remain struggling to make your first $100 a month.

We have already discussed what niches are and how you can select a winning niche. Just to recap, read 3 characteristics of a profitable niche

Now that we are up to speed, let’s go back to our main discussion today, making money with evergreen niches.

What are Evergreen Niches?

An evergreen niche is simply a fancy term that refers to an opportunity that is not affected by events or time over a particular cycle. I will use a common example I love. Let’s take the case of Halloween costumes.

If you are marketing or selling Halloween costumes, you will make most of your sales in October of every year. This is logical since that is when everyone is buying Halloween costumes. You will not find someone looking for a Halloween costume during in December or other months.

So, our niche, which is Halloween costumes is affected by seasons (the Halloween event) and time (the month of October). So, our Halloween costume niche is referred to as a seasonal niche.

Let’s take another example of the weight loss niche. When people want to lose weight, they don’t wait for specific months to get started. Someone can decide to lose weight in any month of the year. Moreover, people will still be looking for information on how to lose weight 10 years from now.

Since the information that people are looking for (i.e. how to lose weight) is not affected by seasons or time, the niche is always in demand. Therefore, it is an evergreen niche.

So, in a nutshell, evergreen niches are those niches that never go out of demand at any time of the year.

Advantages of Evergreen Niches

Going after evergreen niches has some advantages. These include:

  1. You can make money all year round. This is possible since there is always demand for the solution you are offering.
  2. In most cases, there is a lot of traffic (users) looking for solutions in evergreen niches. Your website can rank fast and with the right product and strategy, you can start making money immediately.
  3. You can monetize your traffic in different ways. You can sell eBooks, affiliate products, leads, offer advertising opportunities, etc.

Disadvantages of Evergreen Niches

Some people may be wary tackling an evergreen niche. However, as we will see later on the post, there is no reason why you should be afraid of evergreen niches. But first, let’s look at the disadvantages of evergreen niches:

  1. In most cases, there is a lot of competition for certain niches e.g. weight loss. If you search for the keyword “how to lose weight”, with quotes, you will see that over 10 million websites are competing for that term.
  2. Because of the high competition, your website can take time to rank for certain keywords.
  3. There is the constant need to produce fresh content to keep your site up to date.
  4. Typically, prospects take longer to convert (or buy your solution) since they are dealing with a problem they have been living with for some time.

Now, let’s look at some of the popular evergreen niches.

The Top Ten Evergreen Niches

First off, this list I’ve compiled is what, in my opinion, make the top 10 evergreen niches. Like we’ve said, evergreen niches are always in demand. Below are the top most lucrative evergreen niches, in no particular order:

1) Relationships

get your ex back

People are always looking for relationship advice. If you have been in the internet marketing circles for a while, you probably know

about the EBook “How to Get Your Ex Back”. This is a popular product because people are desperate for a solution to their breakup.

When tackling the relationship niche, drill down into your audience. For example, you might have a product for people over 35 years, divorced couples, people in a certain professional ,.

2) Weight loss

Weight will always be a problem in today’s society, especially in Western nations. It is problems with weight that make people like Dr. Oz stay relevant to their followers. The weight loss niche is very broad. To be successful here, you want to drill down your niche to a particular segment.

Examples of weight loss sub-niches include:

  • Weight loss for new mothers
  • Weight loss before wedding (for brides)
  • Weight loss for diabetic

3) Green living

The green living trend has become popular over the last 10 years. This has been as a result of more environmental awareness among households and an active intervention by governments and non-profits organizations on the importance of green living.

Possible markets in this niche include:

  • People that need to install solar panels
  • People looking for green (non-pollutant) cars
  • People looking to reduce their energy bills at home

Clickbank has lost of green living products you can choose to promote.

4) Make money online

Perhaps one of the largest evergreen niches is how to make money online. Every day, hundreds of people are searching on how to make money online. Truth be told, this niche is hard to break into. Happenings in the last couple of years that saw over-hyped products selling for thousands of dollars without resulting to

5) Photography

The photography niche is one of the niches that have immense opportunities for online marketers. When people think of the photography niche, they mainly think of doing reviews of cameras and other products that can interest photographers.

However, you can go even further and create training products for a particular niche if you are a professional. For example, how about a course about taking portraits? How about training on all aspects of photography lighting?

6) Tattoos

The tattoo niche is also huge and offer different monetization avenues. You can sell tattoo related products, target people who need to remove tattoos, sell DIY tattoo kits and so on.

The tattoo niche is an example of a passion niche. The people who get tattoos are passionate about the products and will usually get more than one tattoo over a couple of years.

7) Parenting

This is a very broad niche that must be broken down to be well defined. Parents will always have trouble with their children or face various issues when raising them. You have to identify the particular problem that the parent may have and solve it.

Some of the ideas that come to mind in this niche include:

  • Baby products
  • Managing ADHD
  • Dealing with disobedient children

8) Languages

Learning languages is also another evergreen niche you can target. You can build sites on how to learn French, Spanish, Italian and so on. Here, you have various monetization methods including product sales, training videos, membership sites among others.

9) Hobbies

Hobbies are another evergreen niche. A hobby is simply something that a person is passionate about and loves doing. In most cases, they are not doing the activity to solve a problem but simply for self-satisfaction. For example, you may go bird watching, not because you are looking to solve a problem, but simply want the satisfaction that comes with it.

Examples of hobbies include knitting, bird watching, stamp collection, writing and so on. One characteristic of the hobby niche is that the markets are usually small but the customers are willing to pay premium prices for products and services.

10) Sports

Any type of sport is an evergreen niche. There are always people looking to learn how to play or become pros in a particular sport. You can tackle popular sport such as hockey and basketball or go for less popular ones such as board games. The niches here are immense.

How to Tackle and Monetize Evergreen Niches

The secret to being successful with evergreen niches is not to think like everyone else. The fact that there is a lot of competition in the weight loss niche means there is a market for it. However, if you are targeting that broad “weight loss” niche, you will have a difficult time making any money. The competition is simply too much.

The best way to approach evergreen niche is to drill down your market. For example, if your target niche is knitting

i) Product Sales

  • Create yours
  • Affiliate product (Clickbank)
  • Advertisements

ii) Lead Generation

  • Sell leads to interested companies

iii) Membership site

  • Create a membership site on the niche and offer related services and products

iv) Advertising

  • You can put Adsense ads on your website of get interested parties to advertise on your niche audience.

The above 10 niches are just a tip of the iceberg on the evergreen niches that you can make money on. The good thing with online marketing is that there is a market for everyone. I mean, literally everyone. If you do not feel the above niches are your sauce, how about I give you 99 more niches to select from?

Yes, I have compiled a list of 99 evergreen niches that you can enter and start making money from. To get the niches, simply tell me the email address where you want to receive them. Click the image below to request for the 99 money-making niches you can enter and profit from.

101 Niches Cover Page


Are you an online marketer tackling an evergreen niche? What  are the rewards or the niche or what challenges do you face? Share your comments below.

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  1. now what should be done with these niches to earn money?

    • Don Modekali says

      You can create a niche site around a particular niche and make offers to the audience. Simply solve a problem the niche has with a product or service and you’ll earn from them.

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