Fuck the Coaches


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I’ve been online since 2008. Over the past few years, I’ve seen it all…from $4999 coaching programs to $5 ebooks promising push-button systems to help you make money quick.

The more you stay online  and engage in online business, the more you learn. There is something we talk about with my IM friend; if you see a course from a guru about a method, it’s probably not working. That push-button stuff you hear about is not there.

Success is all about grit, grind and sweat. I been there. I’m still there.

I despise gurus. Not the religious ones, but the IM gurus.  The ones who only make money by teaching others how to make money. If you feel you are a guru, I. DESPISE. YOU. If this post offends you, then you are probably the one I’m talking about.

I came across a little rant from one of my successful friends on FB. The rant did a better job at explaining how the industry is in less than 1000 words. I got permission to post it here so that everyone can see. Hats off to Nathan Hague of Australia Wow for this post.

Take it off Nathan…

Fuck the coaches.

Fuck the IM morons from Warrior Forum and JVZoo selling $7 reports and shitty software and churn-n-burn of their email lists.

Fuck the inevitable backlash from the people in groups that have their tongues so far up these guru’s arses that they’ve compromised all their values in pursuit of selling you a shitty course with 80000 upsells.

You’re business people. Not 12 year old girls fawning over the words of others. Harden up or sell your business.

You don’t NEED others’ permission to do things the way YOU want to do them.

THERE IS *NO* magic systemised unified way you can find out for $997.

Other people ARE LITERALLY NO SMARTER THAN YOU, but the strength to see that is something that only can come from you.

I’m just a little tired of logging into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now live streaming and seeing SO many SME’s looking for magic soothing words and a heap of shitty substandard content being produced to capitalise on their fears of missing out or lack of confidence.

You went into business to solve a need for a pain point: Fix it and scale and don’t second guess yourself along the way and conversely, reward yourself with an outrageous amount of cash or whatever you need to feel good about yourself. You earned it. You are allowed to buy stuff.

Enjoy the lows as MUCH as the highs – they’re the things that separate out all the plastic people, and if you’re skilled, you’ll always come out on top.

Those battle-hardened business scars are proof you’re doing it right.

Finally, pay it forward. *AFTER* you’ve paid yourself an inordinate amount of dough to buy trinkets and frivolous shit-nacks that YOU EARNT, take a load of dough and throw it at something worthwhile – a charity, a pet side project, just some random dero walking down the street, whatEVER – just give that away – this is the only way to keep the karma flowing and dose up on those feelgood vibes that keep you hungry for wanting to do more to be able to do more.

This, my pedigree chums, is how I see the world. This is how I personally live. It might be a load of arse. It might be something you snigger at.

But you know what? I’m ok with that. I don’t need your acceptance. I don’t need your kind words. I don’t need your support.

I just want the ones that DO dig this message though, to know that business is hard and unjust and dirty and grimy: But if you like working through problems and you can hold your own course as others tell you that you’re wrong and that you’re a f*ckwit; If you can laugh at internet flame wars of others’, and spend 4 hours a day on your business INSTEAD, greasing palms, meeting people and writing the business as others sit in yet another Mastermind Facebook group navel-gazing…

…then you’re going to be just fine amigo. Just fine.

Share this fucking thing if you think it’s going to help some other poor prick in business who’s thinking they suck.


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  1. You know what?. This is the most down to earth, tell it like it is, keeping it real post I’ve ever read. You motivate me lol. Keep it up dude

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