How to Tackle Multiple Goals

multiple-goalsI wanted to write a quick email to discuss briefly about goals, but then I decided to turn it into a blog post.

We are now in the second leg of the half year and if you are like me, you probably forgot all about the goals you set at the beginning of the year. When I look at my goals, I can only hide in shame at the things I have not achieved. Seems like setting up goals at the beginning of the year is a fad that quickly gets forgotten.

I have seen some guys claim not to set goals and do just fine. But I am the other type; the type that sets goals and does just fine without achieving them.

Anyway, I am committed to achieving all the goals I set at the beginning of the year. There’s a quote that goes something like this “Aim for the stars so that if you fall, you land on the skies”. I’m not sure of the exact quote but it must be something like that. Basically, it means set your goals so high such that even if you fail, you will have accomplished much to be proud of.

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That’s the motivation for me setting a lot of goals. I know some entrepreneurs don’t agree to this but heck, we are all different. What’s my poison may be your antidote.

My Goals Achievement Strategy

I took a good look at the goals I set and to be honest, I have STARTED all of them. But the tricky part is really not starting, but committing to the execution and seeing the goals to completion.

In this second round of the year, all my activities will be about completion. No more jumping into the next big thing that may be unveiled next month by who knows who. I simply want to finish all the goals I had set for myself.

To complete the goals, I need some form of discipline. And this is where it all counts. Without discipline, I know I will be posting another post sometime in January 2016 whining about how time flies, life happens and goals are made to be broken. I don’t want to do that this year.

What I’ve decided to do is to pick one project, work on it and see it to completion. For majority of the projects, the completion stage is simply when they start making some income. For instance, for my Pay Per Lead site, I will mark the project as complete when I start making income from it.

The Bare Bones

I already have what I consider to be the basics of the projects taken care of. Some of the sites only need some content while others only need links. Of course, plus some other tiny or nitty-gritty stuff that have to be taken care of.

I will be working with deadlines i.e. self-imposed deadlines simply to keep me on check. I will also have tasks planned for every day for the projects. For instance, some of the tasks I have for my PPL site include:

  • Write 1 post per month for the site
  • Check competitors backlinks
  • Build backlinks
  • Set up FB ads to reach to potential PPL customers

Since most of the tasks cannot be done 24/7, I will probably get started on the next projects as I finalize on any of the tasks not finished. For instance, I don’t expect to be creating backlinks to the site every day. I can schedule Fridays to be my backlinking days while I work on other projects over the other days.

With that said, will I show the website publicly? Straight answer: Nope.

Well, we all know what can happen when the site is revealed to the public. One of the biggest SEOers, Stephen Floyd, of just had his website negative-SEO’d after showing it in a webinar last week. Check the FB screenshot below.



It’s for such reasons that I would not be publicly revealing my sites. However, I will be providing metrics that I may deem important for anyone who may be following along. For instance, you can expect to see the traffic numbers, number of customers closed, email templates used for prospecting, sales/income, etc.

Prioritizing the Goals

One question that one reader asked a while ago is how do you decide which projects to focus on when you have a dozen on your plate. Well, there is a lot of advice out there but I will tell you how my process is. It’s actually very simple: pick the easiest project or the one nearest to completion and time it will take to start generating revenues from the projects.

When evaluating my projects, I was looking at the following:

i) Completion time: Which projects are easy to complete? Which ones can take the shortest time to complete? I prioritized the projects based on this simply because I want to celebrate the progresses I will be making.

ii) Time to revenue. This is simply  fancy way of asking how long will it take for a project to start generating income. I am starting with projects. that have a potential to generate income as quickly as possible. This way, I can reinvest the income to other projects and move faster overall.

These are the two things I considered when prioritizing the projects. We’ll see how things pan out in the coming months.

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So, back to the goals topic. How are you doing with your goals? Are you on track to achieving them or have already given hope on them?

If you have given hope, I encourage you: Please Don’t. Sometime in January 2016, you will remember this post and will either be happy that you didn’t give up on achieving your goals, or you will be wondering where the last 6 months flew without you doing anything.

Cheers to the freakin’ Thursday!

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