Niche Site Case Study: My Niche Revealed

niche-site-revealedHey guys! I’d like to thank you for stopping by. Today, I am going to tell you what my niche is and what I considered when coming up with it.

If you read my last blog post on 3 characteristics of a profitable niche, you already know some of the primary things I consider important in a niche. In a nutshell, I believe a profitable niche should:

  • Be big enough to make good money from it.
  • The target market should be able to afford what you want to offer.
  • The market should know they have a problem and should be looking for a solution to solve the problem.

For this Niche Site Case study, I decided to target an evergreen market. For those who don’t know, an evergreen niche basically means a market segment whose desire or need for a solution is not affected by seasons or events during the year.

For example, people look to lose weight any time of the year. Thus, the weight loss niche is an evergreen market.

On the flipside, people only buy Halloween costumers in October before Halloween. Thus, the Halloween costume niche is not evergreen since it is dependent on an event (Halloween).

How Did I Find My Niche?

There are many ways in which you can find a profitable niche. More of this in a later blog post. But primarily, finding a niche is all about finding a problem that people have and a way of solving it in a better way.

Any problem that is worth solving can be a niche. You just have to find how to solve the problem in a better way. And where do people share their problems or frustrations on the Internet? On social media and in forums.

First, I’ve chosen an evergreen niche in the bigger “health” niche. My target audience is divided into two, although they are related.

  • The first audience is looking at stopping a habit naturally.
  • The second audience is looking for a product that can help them stop that same habit.

So, I basically will be catering to two related audiences in the same sub niche in the health category.

For the purpose of fairness and to prevent people with malicious intentions, I will not directly reveal the niche at this time. However, I hope to release the niche, the website domain name and everything else at the right time.

I choose not to directly reveal the niche and site for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want the results of my case study to be affected by people already knowing what I am working on.
  2. I feel more comfortable working on the niche site at my own pace without pressure.

However, this said, I will provide as much data as possible during my case study. For example, I will provide the keyword strategy I used, the search numbers, traffic numbers and so on. I intend to make this Niche CS one where any person can benefit through step by step tutorials.

Validating My Niche Market

After finding a problem that people had and were looking for solutions, I know I have a potentially lucrative niche. But first, I had to validate the niche market to see whether it has any potential in making GOOD money.

If you have identified a potential niche, I encourage you to go further and validate it. Here is what validation involves:

  • Check the size of the market. Is it big enough to warrant you getting into it?
  • Determine the solution. Will you create a product or refer your customers to other products as an affiliate?
  • Competition. Are there competition sites in the niche? How strong are they in search engine rankings?
  • Content. Can you easily find content to write about in the niche?

I’ve done all the above and I am convinced I have a good niche. In the coming blog post, I will show you how I validated the niche using the above four steps.

Until then, keep grinding.

Have something to say? Holla at me on Twitter @modekali. It will be an honor to connect with you.

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