Introducing My Niche Site Case Study

niche site case studyI am starting a niche site case study this month. The aims of the case study are mainly two:

  • Create a high authority website in the niche.
  • Make a passive income from the niche

In this blog, I will document my journey from the start and try as much as possible to let you know what I am doing, the tools I am using and possibly through in a couple of tutorials on different tools.

Why a Niche Case Study Now?

For the most part, I want to have a way to document my progress with the project. Many people have done niche case studies in the past and ended up with some impressive results. The first time I came across a niche case study was at Pat Flynn’s Blog Smart Passive Income. The study was done in 2010 and in 2013, he started another study Niche Site Duel (NSD2).

A niche case study offers me a way to be more productive with my time and test my committments to my projects. I’ve had many projects in  the past all in the head. Do you know what happens with projects in the head? I’ll leave that to you. This time, I’ve decided to document my journey. This is the post introducing my niche site case study.

Project Motivation: Keeping Myself in Check

In my quest to keep myself in check and motivated to complete the project, I am doing the case study together with a couple of guys inspired by Glen from ViperChill.  The whole study is known as the Triple XXX Niche Case Study (read about it here) and although I am not officially in the case study, it’s good to have my own study on the side and see how I will do compared to Glen, Diggy and Mr. V of Triple XXX Niche Case Study.

Niche Site Case Study Updates

I will strive to post updates on the Niche Site Case Study at least once a week or two weeks. The posts will usually indicate the major things I have done on the website and the reason for doing so. If you are interested in daily updates of the study, you can check me the updates I make at Private Inc. Forum.

Some of the things I expect to cover in my updates include:

  • Traffic generation methods I’ll be using
  • Crunching the numbers (site visits, Google rankings for various keywords, leads generated, etc.)
  • Costs of doing various tasks. (For most tasks, I’ll be doing things on my own. But if I have to outsource some tasks, I will indicate how much I will have spent).

At the end of the project, I hope to me making some passive income (Perhaps, a 4HourWorkWeek model?).

If you are also building a niche site and have a case study, comment with your link below and we can keep each other in check.

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About Don Modekali

Don Modekali is busy with a number of income experiments.


  1. Hi Mode,

    This is great that you are starting a niche case study site. I am also in the Private Inc forum and also read Pat Flynn Niche Site Duel (I actually found your blog through the #nsd2 hashtag on Twitter!)

    I plan to follow along to everyone who is making a case study to inspire and motivate me as I start my own too. Best of luck to you.


    • Hey Dan,

      Thanks for stopping by. It will be great to see your journey too. Get posting and we keep each other in check.



  2. Hi Don,

    Great to see someone else taking part in a niche site project. looking forward to seeing your updates!


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