NSD Episode 4: Niche Site Content Creation

“No, we ain’t got an office yet. But we got big plans like an architect.” Lyrics from the Song WutUWanKno (Masta Ace ft. Edo G, A Long Hot Summer Album)
niche-site-content-creationWelcome to another episode of my niche site case study.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have already chosen my niche and set up my website with a cool theme. You can catch my last post on how I set up my niche site WordPress for SEO here.

Setting up the site correctly for SEO is important to make it easy for Google to find my content. While I will initially focus in driving traffic from different sources, ultimately I will want to let the site go on a roll and get organic traffic from Google.

Apart from this, setting the site correctly will help to avoid any issues that WordPress has with indexing duplicate content.

You can use a couple of plugins to easily make WordPress ignore any duplicate content on your site. I have outlined how to prevent duplicate content in your WordPress site in this video.

Now, back to the topic at hand. I have finished all the basics of setting up the the website, except for one thing: creating content.

Niche Site Content Creation

One mistake that I find many people make when creating niche sites is putting up mediocre content. By mediocre content, I mean using spunned content or content that does not make sense.

I believe content is the most important part of building a niche site. Heck, you can even sell to an audience if you have content alone (even without a website). But that is a post for another day. For now, let’s concentrate on content development.

Content does not simply refer to the articles you will post on the site. Rather, it includes things like articles, images, videos, infographics, eBooks, and so on. All of these are what we collectively refer to as content.

The content you create should achieve one or more of the following: educate, entertain and inspire.

If visitors stop on your niche site but cannot get any value from the content, making sales will be difficult.

Which Type of Contents Should You Create?

The audience you are targeting should help you determine the types of content to  create. For most niches, creating informative articles will work. In fact, this is the primary type of content used 90 percent of the time.

For my niche site, I am selling some products. Based on this information, here are the types of content I’ve chosen to go with and why:

a) Articles – These will be posted on the blog and will also be used for blogger outreach (e.g. guest posting and syndication) and SEO purposes.

b) Videos – I plan to create videos demonstrating how the product I am selling is used.  Videos can be helpful if you are selling a technical product that your target audience may want to know how to use.

c) Ebook – This eBook is primarily for the purposes of building an email list from visitors on the site and from other third party sites.

d) Infographics – These will mostly be used for link baiting and SEO outreach.

These are the primary types of contents I will be creating for my niche site. Let’s look more into the contents.

Niche Site Articles/Blog Posts

keyword-organic-searchWhether you prefer calling them articles or blog posts, we are referring to the content that visitors read on the website.

For my niche site, I will be relying heaving on search engines to get traffic to the website. Therefore, creating content that is optimized for the various keywords I am targeting is important.

I use Google Keyword Planner, Google Keyword Suggest and Long Tail Pro to come up with keywords to target in the content. Every article primarily targets one primary keyword and includes a number of secondary long tail keywords.

Here’s a description of the main and secondary keywords I target.

Main Keyword. This keyword is what the whole theme of the article is about. I use the keyword once in the article title, once in the H1 (subtitle) title and once in the body.

Now, this rule is not written on stone. Sometimes, I find myself using the keyword more than the number I have mentioned. However, I strive not to make the word sound unnatural. Generally, I don’t want to stuff the keyword everywhere in the article.

Secondary Keywords. For an article, I may choose 3-4 secondary keywords to support the main keyword. These keywords are usually longer (more than 4 words) and have significantly fewer searches, sometimes less than 100, in Google.

I target the long tail keywords because of three reasons:

1. LSI relevancy. When Google bots read my website content and find the main keyword in the title, I want them to understand the page is specifically about that keyword I am targeting. I do this by using relevant supporting (secondary) keywords.

2. Targeted traffic. Long tail keywords may not have many searches than the shorter keywords. However, the keywords usually get targeted searches.

3. Cumulative traffic. Targeting long tail keywords can boost traffic to your niche site. For one, the keywords are easy to rank for since not many people are targeting them. Next, when you add the number of searches of the keywords, they can be nearly the same or higher than that  of short tail keywords.

The content of the articles is bent on being informative rather than entertaining or inspiring. This is because the niche I am targeting is mostly looking for a solution to a problem they are have.

Niche Site Video Content

Video content is also part of the content strategy for my niche site. I haven’t created videos yet but I have a couple of ideas at the back of my head:

1. Hire a model or use Fiverr to get a video made on the product. The video will be short, less than two minutes, with a call to action to my website. I will upload the video on my niche site as well as video sharing sites like YouTube.

2. I can also make PowerPoint of Flash slides and convert them to video. These will mostly contain snippets on features and benefits of the products. The videos can be distributed on video sharing sites to build backlinks and drive traffic back to my site.

The video(s) will basically be reviewing the different products on the site. Ideally, the model will be holding the product and instructing the visitors how to use it.

The essence of creating video content is to improve the likelihood of visitors buying on my site. People are aware of affiliate marketers and the last thing I want to seem is an affiliate simply publishing information for the sake of gaining a sale.

Of course you can still be successful without having video reviews on your website. Sometimes, you may not even need a video review. However, videos improve visitors’ trust and are likely to improve sales.


For the eBook, I have two options; write it by myself (I’m a great writer) or outsource the content creation. I am yet to come up with the topic orcreate-an-ebook content outline of the eBook.

Writing the book on my own is advantageous because I will be able to guide the reader in the direction I want.

I will primarily use the eBook to gather email subscribers on my list at the website. This email list can be a great resource to tap on, especially if I would like to take things further in future and transition the website from a niche to an authority site.

However, writing a book is not easy. First, there is the issue of knowledge of the topic. I have to admit I am not an expert on the subject matter of the products I am selling. I can however research online and come up with something good.

Another option would be to hire a writer to help me create the book. I have previously hired writers from both Freelancer.com and iWriter.com and I have not been disappointed. The best thing with outsourcing the ebook creation is that I can get high quality content at possibly a lower rate.


The main reason why I opted to use infographics is to get high quality niche links from relevant websites. The craze for infographic link building may have died but if used right, infographics can get you coveted links that your competitors may not get easily.

For infographics, I will mostly be creating them using Photoshop. However, you can easily create your own infographic using Visual.ly or get someone to create one for you for 5 bucks at Fiverr.

Creating infographics is easy when you already have the content you want presented visually. I will simply be getting statistics related to my audience online and using some points from my articles to create infographics.

Infographics are also good for building backlinks.

So, there we go. The above are the types of content I will be creating for my niche site.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know.

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