NSD Episode 2: My Niche Site Content Strategy

content is kingHey guys, I hope March is good to you. It’s been a minute since I posted on this blog and today, I have an update on my Niche Site.

Last time, we talked about finding a domain name and hosting services provider. If you  haven’t set up your website yet, you can do it in under 5 minutes by yourself using WordPress.

—>Check  this guide on how to set up a WordPress site in under 5 minutes

If you are just joining me, you can read the past  episodes of the Niche Site Study here:

Now that we have our domain name and have, we have to think of content.

My Niche Site Content Strategy

Content fuels the web. It is what makes Google index  your website and bring visitors. The whole essence of searching things on Google is to get information. Thus, for my content strategy, I have to think of what information my niche will be looking for.

When selecting my niche, I already had an idea of what people would be looking for.  And since we are looking to make money online, we want to solve a problem that people have. When researching my niche, I found out people  had a problem; they were looking for information on how to stop the problem they have.

Apart from this, there are a number of products in the niche that  people are researching. They want to know if the products are good. So, they are essentially searching for reviews of the products.  For this niche, my content strategy will consist of the following:

i)  Writing  educational articles on how to solve my niche’s problem. These articles will  be in form of  tips, lists, etc.

ii) Writing reviews of the popular products in the market that can solve their problem. So, I would have lots of “product X review” or “product X guide” type of articles.

Now, depending on your niche, you may want to explore other content avenues.  For me, my content will mostly be reviews of different products that the market can use as well as

What Type of Content Will I Be Creating?

Now,  creating articles is good as it helps  to get your website to rank high. However, when creating your content strategy, think about  which form of content will resonate well with the target market.   In some markets, having text content will work well. For  example, if you are selling an ebook to your market, you can only review the eBook  in in a series of articles or blog posts.

On the other hand, if you are selling a physical product (for example, let’s say you are selling a coffee maker), you might want to  have a video of the coffee maker in action. This is apart from writing articles about it.

You see,  different types of content will work for different types of markets.

In my case, I will be writing articles on the “how to” advise. Apart from this, I will be creating videos  for the various physical products that the niche is looking for reviews on. In a nut shell, my content strategy consists of the following:

i)   Articles- How to, tips, lists, etc.

ii)  Videos/Slideshows of the products

iii) Email course (This will basically be a series of emails talking about the problem and how it can be solved. It will also help me warm up prospects who are not ready to buy at that time)

My niche is very specific and I think the above forms of content will work. Now, depending on your niche, you may wish to explore other content forms such as podcasts, eBooks, webinars, demos and so on. Check the image below for more.

types of content

Niche Site Content Message

Every content you create should have an end goal. In any online business, you want to provide value to your market as much as possible. Providing value helps to establish you as an authority in your field. When your market can read  your articles and think “hmm, this guys really knows what he is talking about”, then they start ing you.

Traditional and online businesses have very little differences save for the presence of a physical store and an online store. Apart from this, all the basics of business apply. Now, people buy from those that they trust.  Always remember that.

Your content should make readers trust you. They should trust that you know the topic you are writing about and are genuinely interested in helping them.  Your content should be:

i)  Educative

You already know the problems that your niche market faces. Now, how can you solve this problem, at first without athin-content-googlesking them to buy from you?  This is where educational or advisory articles come in. Create articles that will give your audience tips on how to solve their problem.

For example, if your niche is on freelance writing, you can provide tips on how to get your first client online. This advice does not have to be packaged into an eBook and sold given that it is already freely available online.

TIP: Since Google Panda update, thin sites took a hit on their rankings. Therefore, you want to create more comprehensive content for your niche site. I recommend articles 500 or more words for your articles.

After putting the last full stop on your article, ask yourself: will someone who will read this article be better off  that he was before reading the article? If your article has not provided value to your audience, you will have a difficult time getting your market to trust you.

ii)   Informational

Provide content that resonates well with your audience. People  go online to search for information and you want to be the guy providing the information they are searching about. Find out the information that your target market is searching about.

Is your audience searching for reviews, guides, events, collections, etc.? Here, Google is your friend. Use Google Adwords tool to search for the keywords that your potential market types on Google when searching for  information.  If you want to drill your niche even further, I recommend you use Traffic Travis.

Apart from Google, check on forums in your niche and check the discussions going on. Usually, you will find people asking questions about a problem they have or a product/service they are looking to get. Forums can be a good place to find ideas on what to write about. The good thing with forums is that since it comprises of  an audience that is interested in your niche, you can be sure that  of getting targeted visitors to your blog if you happen to cover a topic that seems popular in the forums.

iii)  Entertaining

Most people are online to get entertained. In as much as people have problems, they are also human and have  emotions.

Creating entertaining content helps your audience to know that you are a real person behind the business and helps to break the ice than a new visitor may have.  When marketing to your market, you don’t always want to have this serious tone or voice on your content. Break the ice,  give your audience a good laugh.

Business is built on relationships. And having some personality in your content helps to build a relationship with your target audience.

There we have it, educate, inform and entertain. These are the three types of messages you should have on your content.

This is the exact content strategy I will be following for my niche. Did I miss something in the content strategy? Let me know, I’d like to hear your comments.

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