Episode 1: Domain Name, Hosting and Website Theme

choosing-domain-name-and-hostingWelcome to another update of my Niche Site Case Study. You can read the introduction post on the case study here.

So, this week things were pretty quick. I did three things: bought a domain name, bought web hosting and bought a website template. Let’s go deeper into these actions;

Buying the Domain Name

The niche I am in is pretty targeted and is in the health category. I cannot reveal the niche at this stage because I want to avoid instances of skewed results that may arise by me revealing the niche. But I can tell you more about my target customers.

My target audience has a problem and the solution to the problem is to buy a certain product. There are many brand names of the product available in the market. My approach is to build an authority website that reviews the different brand products and hopefully help customers make a good decision.

In taking this niche, I know that:

  1. the target customers know they have a problem.
  2. the customers know there are different product solutions for their problem.
  3. the customers are looking for reviews of the different solutions before they buy.

So, my major type of content I will be posting on the website will be in-depth review of the products.

Since, I have already researched the marketing and the target keywords (more on the niche and keyword numbers in my next post), I decided to pick an exact match domain (EMD). The reason for this is that I believe I can rank faster for my target keywords with an EMD. Despite Google’s EMD update, I still see EMD sites ranking. I honestly believe Google does no tell the whole truth about rankings. I hope I’ll find out in this study.

The domain name is registered for one year. I used NameCheap.com to register.  NameCheap usually sells .com domain names at $10.69 per year. But why I like them is that the company offers a lot of coupons for its services. Before registering the domain name, I headed off to NameCheapCoupons.com and grabbed the coupon “THX2U“. This allowed me to save $1.08 on my purchase. Thus, I was billed $9.79. In addition, I also got free Whois protection and Comodo SSL certificate valid for one year.

That is all about buying the domain name.

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

The next thing was to buy web hosting for the website. I am not new to web hosting so my choice was easy. There are a couple of things that I was looking in a hosting provider for the site.


Since I am making an authority site, I expect it to have lots of visitors at one time or the other. Therefore, I needed a host that offers unlimited bandwidth. This will ensure that the site will always be accessible no matter how many visitors stop by it.

2. Disk space

I don’t see the site needing a lot of space so I could have chosen anything from 10GB and up. However, I found a great hosting company that offers unlimited hosting for a fair price. The company is JustHost and for just $5.96 per month ($71.40 for one year), you can enjoy unlimited disk space.

3. Price

Price is another thing I was looking for. Basically, I believe you can get good hosting at less than $10 per month. There are many websites that offer hosting at less than $10 per month. JustHost offers different pricing per month based on the term of the payment. I chose the $5.95 ($71.40) for one year.  Below is an image showing the other prices available and their duration:


4. Support

As I mentioned, I have been hosting my different website and for my clients on Just Host since 2010. I have had good email and phone support from them. In some instances, the support team has helped me with problems that I or my clients caused on our websites. This is one of the things that makes me stick to Just Host up to today.

The above are the four main things I was looking for in a hosting provider, and they are what made me choose Just Host over other popular hosts like BlueHost and HostGator.

There are many web hosting reviews online that can guide you on the right web hosting company. Personally, I prefer JustHost. I have been with them for three years now and have found them to be affordable and offer awesome support.

Choosing a Website Theme

Creating a website is no longer a difficult thing thanks to WordPress. With WordPress, you can easily set up your blog within 5 minutes and be up and posting. If you don’t know how to set up a blog, I recommend you read this guide on how to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Like you may have guessed, I chose to build my site using WordPress. I prefer WordPress because I’ve found it to be good when it comes to SEO than most Content Management Systems (CMS). But I just did not want to have the basic WordPress theme on the niche site. I wanted something that is professional and will build the site’s brand to the audience. This is the theme I chose (click here to view)


I searched for a theme on ThemeForest and finally settled on the Gonzo theme. ThemeForest, in my opinion, is the best place to find affordable themes. The site is one of the largest WP theme marketplaces on the Internet.  You can search for themes based on industry, most of which go for  under $50. The Gonzo theme cost me $45.  I will have to do some customizations for it to fit my needs later on.

Niche Site Case Study Costs

Here is a breakdown of the costs that I have incurred so far:

Domain name registration from NameCheap ($9.71)

Web Hosting for one year from Just Host ($71.40)

WordPress theme from ThemeForest ($45)

TOTAL COST:  $126.19

In my next post, I will be discussing on how to set up the website. Stay tuned.


JustHost: The web hosting company I use ( Get unlimited disk space and bandwidth for $5.95 per month)

NameCheap: Buy .com domain names for $10.69 per year. (Visit NameCheapCoupons.com to get a coupon before you buy.)

ThemeForest: Browse hundreds of premium WordPress themes. Get a theme for under $50.

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