September Income Report & October Goals

september-income-reportComing at mid October, Procrastination won!

I meant to write this post earlier but, you know, life happens. Enough with the excuses, let’s jump in.

September’s gone and it’s that time again when I need to recap what happened with my online businesses and chart the way forward.  I am going to be as precise and concise as possible. Welcome to my income report for the month.

In case you missed other income reports, you can find them here.

September Traffic

Last month, I resolved to take an active role in driving traffic to my website. All that I did last month was share the blog on StumbleUpon. I couldn’t find time to do blog comments or drive traffic through Facebook.

All in all, the blog recorded an increase in the number of visitors. Here’s my Statcounter traffic snapshot.


I got a whopping 599 unique visitors and 946 page views. You can see from the graphic that there were 74 returning visits to the blog. I know the numbers are not anything to brag about but it’s an improvement on my end. And the best way to judge your progress is to compete against yourself. So, cheers to me.

To get a perspective of the impact that StumbleUpon has had on the blog, check August’s traffic report below:


You can see I got 19 more visitors, ha! ha!. From the traffic logs, I can see most of the visitors were also coming to my website by typing keywords on Google. The top posts on the blog last month were:

How to Withdraw PayPal from a Non-US Country

Viral Nova WordPress themes

I also posted two articles last month and though I did not promote them to my email list (had some hiccups changing from GetResponse to MailerLite), but they still got some traffic. So, I guess blogging on a regular also contributed to the traffic. 

September Income


Below are my September earnings from some online ventures I’m involved in:

Google Adsense: $79 (My Viral Nova Clone Website)

DonModekali (SociallyViral Theme– $131.50 )

Niche Site 1: (Niche Site Experiment – $238 (CPA)

Niche Site 2: $944.88 (Amazon)

TOTAL: 1393.38

Costs: The amount indicated above is the net amount after deducting my costs. I do a poor job of keeping costs but I will be sure to include them in my next reports.


October Goals

With October already in, I plan to cut down on my writing projects and concentrate more on my passive income sites. I have set some goals for all the online properties I have. One of the major goals is to get all properties on Instagram and use the channel for traffic generation.

Other goals include setting up email capture forms and starting to capture leads, focus on traffic generation through specific tactics like forum marketing and blog commenting, get more traffic from social media sites, especially Facebook groups.

Here are the specifics I have for October for this blog:

  • Post four blog posts
  • Change my blog picture and expand the content on the About Me section
  • Start my YouTube Channel
  • Get more active on Instagram (Follow me @modekali). Double followers to about 500.
  • Double blog traffic to 2000
  • Double email subscriptions (At the moment, I have just about 120 subscribers)
  • Expand other content on my blog

This seems like quite a lot of tasks but I believe I can accomplish them. I am aiming for the sky and in case I miss it, I might as well land on the stars!

That’s my September Recap/Income report.

How’s you doing on your end? Send me a link to your blog recap so that I check it out.


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