Episode 1: Domain Name, Hosting and Website Theme

Welcome to another update of my Niche Site Case Study. You can read the introduction post on the case study here. So, this week things were pretty quick. I did three things: bought a domain name, bought web hosting and bought a website template. Let’s go deeper into these actions; Buying the Domain Name The niche […]

Niche Site Case Study: My Niche Revealed

Hey guys! I’d like to thank you for stopping by. Today, I am going to tell you what my niche is and what I considered when coming up with it. If you read my last blog post on 3 characteristics of a profitable niche, you already know some of the primary things I consider important […]

Introducing My Niche Site Case Study

I am starting a niche site case study this month. The aims of the case study are mainly two: Create a high authority website in the niche. Make a passive income from the niche In this blog, I will document my journey from the start and try as much as possible to let you know […]