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viral-content-sourcesOne of the challenges of creating a viral news site is getting content that will be shared by your audience. After all, that is the whole essence of a top viral content site.

The content for the site should be funny, educative or emotionally striking to be shared. Of course, with more shares, we get more traffic that will be attractive to advertisers.

You can either do the hard work of creating amazing content like does or curate content already created by other publishers.  There are both upsides and downsides of curating and creating original content.

Curating Content for Your Viral News Site

To begin, if you are curating, you are basically getting content that has already been created and posting it on your viral news blog, but with attribution to the original source. I will not go through the morality of curating content but a good IM friend of mine calls it “blatant stealing” with attribution.

I will leave that for you to decide.

Morality aside, I see no reason not to curate content as long as you attribute the original source of the article. Moreover, curating some content may actually be helpful to the individuals or causes they address. Take the example of you creating content of a unique artwork artist. You can get the artist more exposure and catapult his/her business.

With that said, it’s always good to have a DCMA notice on your viral nova clone. This way, anyone who would like their content pulled down can serve you a notice to remove their content.

The benefit of curating content is clear: someone has already  done the hard work for you. Your job is to simply find the content you want, post it on your viral news site and attribute it to the original owner. Moreover, you can add your own spin or “juice” to the article if you wish to make it more original and suit your target audience.

The major downside of curating content is that the content may already have been shared many times across the web. This means the content may not have the impact you wish on your audience. The content may have been overly shared and some of the issues they may be addressing may have been overtaken with events.

Creating Original Content

Creating content is the ideal way of building your viral news site. The major problem with creating content on your own is that it takes time. And I mean a lot of time, to create good content. You need to scour the web to find great content or to create content based on information you find. This means having to do a lot of research.

With that said, there are many places you can find content to create on the web. You can go to obvious popular sources like Reddit to less obscure niche forums like Alien UFOs. Whichever option you choose, make sure you have time to do the research and confirm some of the information you get.

When you are starting your viral nova clone, you will probably need to curate content. Click To Tweet

This is especially if you will be working on the site as a side project or on your own. However, depending on your niche and growth, you may find it necessary to create original content. Both ways work.

The major task will be driving traffic to your viral nova clone. That is a post for another time.

Get Content from Top Viral Content Sites

With that said, here’s a list of top viral content sites you can curate content from:

As you may have realized, we don’t have the big boys like, and others on the list. Well, I just took a random sample from the list os over 150 viral news sites that  use to get content from. The list contains sites covering all range of topics, from breaking news to celebrities, cars to health. Want the list? Click below to download the list of over 150 viral news sites in Excel.



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  1. Hi Don,

    Is the viral site excel file still available? I’m already on your list, but tried two different emails and it won’t download.


    • Don Modekali says

      Hey Scott, is your email ending in 31? Let me know so that I can send the doc directly to you/

  2. Hi Don – I’ve just found your site today and I’ve been reading it for ages now. Great info thankyou. Is the Viral Content list still available now? – I’ve tried clicking on the links above and they go to a 404 page so not too sure whats going on there?


    ps. Keep up the great work mate!

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