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vn-experiment-wordpress-themeHey guys,

November is here and it’s funny how quickly time flies when you have a lot of things going on. I have a quick follow up update for you on my VN experiment. This update is with regards to the theme I used for my site.

When setting up my VN site, I opted to use WordPress as my Content Management System. The benefits of WordPress are obvious, and it’s the flexibility in posting and scheduling content that I was mainly looking at. Moreover, I generally prefer WordPress of other CMSs.

One of the things I was looking for is a theme that would look/function like ViralNova. Now, you may cringe at the thought of copying everything VN is doing but if they are getting it right, why should I go a different route?

So, my quest to search for a theme that’s similar to what VN is using started. Luckily, I did not have to look far to get what I believe is a good theme. While it’s not exactly like VN’s, it certainly has some characteristics that I find important in this type of site.

Viral Nova Clone Template

Now, this experiment is about VN but there are a bunch of other related sites (or should I say competitors?) that are also having similar success. In my experiment, I am majorly focusing on three sites: Viral Nova, Upworthy and Distractify.

Let’s see how the sites’ layouts look like as of this time:

distractify          viral-nova       upworthy

From the layouts, you may have noticed some boxed thing going on.

Moreover, in case you missed it, all the themes also allow visitors to load more articles on the same page rather than going through the usual pagination.

Coming to the pages, you’ll see the ads positions are nearly similar.

Then, of course there is the ability to share posts on social media sites.

The theme I am looking for should have similar ad placement on the pages. Then, of course, things like social sharing capability are important.

I’ve looked at different themes that are likely to work for my case and I’ve settled on Socially Virally WordPress theme. This theme looks nearly like ViralNova and has the major features I bolded above:


You can see the boxed homepages, auto-scrolling posts at the bottom, and the ad placements on the side.

The theme only cost me $35 from MyThemeShop.

What you may or may not know is that ViralNova initially run on True Pixel theme designed by MyThemeShop.

However, the site was given a facelift, with the owner outsourcing the work to 99designs. You can see the winning design that they opted to go for here.

If you are not familiar with 99designs, it’s basically a crowdsourcing, contest-like design website. You simply initiate a contest and commit to paying for it. A bunch of designers interested in your contest will submit their design proposals. You get to choose the winning proposal and pay for it.

The site is really a good place if you are looking for a unique logo, web layout or anything to do with graphics. I’ve seen lots of professional graphics at the site. Check and see what the designers can help you with.

For my Socially Viral theme, I just did some customizations to make the theme match my brand’s colors and I was up and running in a day.

Viral Nova WordPress Theme

If you are looking to create a viral site, you may have other ideas on what you would like. Luckily, since the success of VN, there have been a number of good themes and scripts designed for viral types of sites that you can choose.

Here are my select top 5 Viral Nova templates.

1. ViralTimes

This theme is also designed by HotCloneThemes and can be said to be the perfect Viral Nova template. The theme looks exactly like Viral Nova in terms of features and even the colors. The theme costs $69 but the best thing is that the price gives you access to all the themes developed by HotCloneThemes.

The best thing is that you can get the theme for free. Simply sign up for an account here. However, with the free theme, you cannot remove copyright information, which is a link indicating “Designed by HotCloneThemes”.

viral times wordpress theme

Click to View Demo Site

I did sign up and get to set up my site with the theme. So, how does it perform?

Well, I couldn’t get the theme to work properly on my site. It just felt so blank…like a part of the theme was missing. Moreover, there was not a lot I could do in terms of customization without editing the .css file.

If you are good at HTML and are not afraid to edit code, the theme may be good for you. But for me, I’m more of a visual editing guy so I opted for a different them.

 2. ViralPress

From all the themes I have come across online, this theme is the one that looks exactly like Distractify. The theme is developed by HotCloneThemes and is meant for WordPress and comes with modern standard features such as social media integration, responsive, lightweight, etc.


I looked around the developer site and saw clone themes of popular websites such as College Humor, LOL Snaps and others. The theme also goes for $69, like all themes developed by

Check out the theme here.

 3. Socially Viral

This is the Viral Nova clone I am using for my website. The theme is responsive and professionally made. Moreover, the backend is clean and easy to get started with.

The theme is being sold for an amazingly low price of only $35. I opted for Socially Viral because of their unbelievable low membership price. For only $67, you get all the premium themes and unlimited updates.

socially viral theme

Click image to view Demo

I think this was a good investment on my part since I am constantly making sites for myself and clients and will not have to buy a new theme every time I need to do an experiment with a web site

Some of the features that make the theme stand out include:

  • Tasteful homepage design and style that will sparks curiosity within consumers.
  • Appealing common threads design and style that will raises your page views.
  • Getting individual web site design and style that will raises your interpersonal shares.
  • Prominent sign-up pack that will raises your buyers.
  • Fast design and style that will boost your search engine ranking.
  • Built-in advertising opportunities that will improve your earnings.

You can check out the Socially Viral theme here.

PS: You can get a 10% discount on the theme by using this coupon DON-M. Simply enter it when checking out to apply your discount.

4. TruePixel

This WordPress theme is developed by MyThemeShop and is currently on sale for only $35. This is the theme that Viral Nova used initially before changing it’d design.

I also used the theme on my site and found it easy to customize and set up. However, the homepage boxed feature that I was looking for lacks in this theme. That’s why I switched to Socially Viral from TruePixel.

However, the team at MyThemeShop has introduced a new TruePixel layout that makes it great for viral websites. Here is the new layout dubbed “social” layout.


TruePixel is a great theme to use for your Viral Nova clone website. The theme is lightweight, which is an important factor since you will be posting lots of images on your website.

You can check the full features of the theme here.

5. BearWorthy

This is another VN clone that I have come across but is not meant for WordPress.

BearWorthy is a Viral Nova clone script made using HTML5 and CSS3. The script costs $47 and can be easily setup if you know a bit of HTML. Looking at the script, you get the best of both Viral Nova and Upworthy features. This is one of the best VN clones I’ve seen around.


Some of the features of BearWorthy include:

  • User Sign up/login system
  • 4 Types of posts (Image, Gallery, Audio and Video)
  • Explore posts (trending, featured, popular)
  • Next/previous buttons on all post pages
  • Comments system (via Facebook)
  • Search feature and
  • Social share
  • Newsletter Subscriptions

 This was my preferred theme but since it’s a PHP script and doesn’t work with WordPress, I ended up not choosing it. However, if you are comfortable with HTML, you should be able to get this going. Moreover, there are a number of installation videos provided by the developer to get you started.

Check all the features of BearWorthy here.

The above are four of the top Viral Nova clone templates that I have been looking at. Like I said, I finally decided to go with Socially Viral. However, there are other high quality themes out there that will make your website stand out and not look like a VN copy-cat.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy November.

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